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Anamallai’s is one of the younger planting districts South India, for although these hills were visited in 1851 by Capt. Michacl of the Forest Department, and again in 1858 by Dr. Cleghorn, General of Hospitals, their exploration was primarily in the higher ranges, where sir Macpherson hoped to find a site suitable for a sanatorium and rest centre. Also although Dr. Cleghorn in his report wrote of “traversing a large tract of country suitable for coffee culture” there is no record of planters showing any practical interest in this area until 1864, when Mr.R.J. Lowry of the Carnatic Coffee Company applied for land on the eastern slopes of the Anamallais. Subsequently a block of land, which Government at that time termed ‘waste’ was sold to Mr. Lowry, and another to the Carnatic Coffee Company. Thus started Waterfall and Waverley Estates.
About Valparai
Valparai hill town bounded by mountains / meadows / pastures / valleys / grass lands / waterfalls etc., to the best of obtainable sources which in fact and anuthentic guide to knowledge the obsolute joy of it.
     The most prestigious, impressive, inspiring  hill resort of Tamilnadu.. Valparai keeps on flashing intermittent brightness from the light house of the Manchester of India, rich in tradition .. flora and fauna yet contemporary in out look, it has a wealth of prestigious environment and the majestic idea tobe identified is that Valparai, the enviable stature inone's life is traced on Anamalai Hills of Western Ghats.
History of Valparai
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